Your Guides to Using Airpods Gen 3

You can use AirPods 3 with charging case (airpods 3 พร้อมเคส ชาร์จ, term in Thai) to quickly listen to your preferred audio on your preferred devices such as iPhone or iPad. You can also use it on any of your favorite Apple products like the iPod touch, Mac Apple Watch, or Apple TV with just a few easy steps. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that your device is updated before starting.

Pairing AirPods to your device

Connect the third-generation AirPods to your iPhone or any Apple device of your choice. Open the case containing your AirPods, place them next to your iPhone or iPad, and set them up by following the instructions on the onscreen. locate the setup button, press and hold for five seconds or until you see the status light, which indicates that the airpod is ready to connect to other devices. Go to settings, enable Bluetooth, and choose AirPods.

Listening to Music

Put on your AirPods, launch an audio app of your choice,  and start listening to something. You can adjust the volume on the volume buttons. you can also adjust the volume using onscreen controls.

Using Siri

Don’t you know that Siri can be used with your AirPods?  Whenever your associated smartphone is online you can simply speak “Hey Siri”.   If you have a request, you can do so by pressing and holding the Force Sensor on your AirPods.

Turn on the Find My network

If you buy AirPods gen 3 with charging case (ซื้อ airpods gen 3 เคส ชาร์จ, term in thai), you have the option to activate the “find my network” option. To do so, click the settings, choose Bluetooth on your device, hit the button that says “actions available”, scroll down, and confirm that you enable “find my network.”

Additional Tips

· Keep Your AirPods Safe With Find My Integration

By turning on the Find My integration, you can protect your AirPods and use the Find My app to find them if they are stolen or lost. As long as the battery lasts, AirPods can utilize the Find My network to help you locate lost   AirPods wherever they may wind up by using other people’s iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Make sure “Notify When Left Behind” is on as well so you can be immediately informed if you lose your AirPods while out and about.

· Enable or disable automatic device switching

Your AirPods can automatically connect to any device that is in active use so as long as it is compatible with your AirPods. That means any Apple device like iPhone and Mac.

· Enable announce notifications

The most recent version of iOS and Siri integration enable AirPods to notify you when there are incoming messages and other important alerts.  Siri will read-aloud alerts from apps of your choice and give you the chance to reply if you have Announce Notifications and Headphones toggled on. Isn’t that making your life simple?

· Always check your AirPods battery life

There are several ways to monitor the remaining battery life in your AirPods. You can check the battery level using the “Battery” widget on your device or use AirPods when you connect them to a device. If it’s connected to an Apple Watch, the battery life information is displayed in the control center. Siri can also tell you how much battery life your AirPods have left.

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